Elevators for New Construction

The new construction department will collaborate with owners, developers, architects, and GC’s to help guide and consult on new elevator projects. We provide engineering and consulting support as requested. and customize the projects from the smallest scale to the largest development.


Non-Proprietary Equipment

Non-proprietary equipment will always be specified, which will be in the overall interest of the building owner and management company, who is overseeing the building maintenance after the construction project is complete. No proprietary equipment will have to be used for troubleshooting, testing, elevator parts replacement, and repair. This will provide the option of using competitive service providers as the owners and managers see fit.


Reliability and Safety

Reliability, safety, and application will always be the primary basis for any recommendations of types of equipment and manufactures to be used.  We are always mindful of the project’s budget scope.


Custom and Flexible Solutions

We are always available for job survey and pre-installation consultation of projects upon request. All questions and concerns will be addressed. We seek to instill the utmost confidence that you will not be alone in the preparation stage of an installation.

About Us

Competitive Pricing and Superior Service

Our ability to provide competitive pricing with superior service is built upon years of hands on experience and operating a successful business. With the regulations imposed on building owners, it is imperative for them to contract with educated, reliable and specially trained elevator technicians to install, evaluate, and maintain the property’s elevators.

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No cost consultation and quote

Your elevator is a key component of each visitor’s experience. Contact us for a no cost consultation and quote to see what we can do to upgrade, replace, or repair your current elevator. We offer maintenance agreements to inspect your elevators on a regular basis and to keep your elevators running without incident or interruption.


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