Modernizing your elevators

The modernization department will work with owners, developers, architects, and General Contractors to help guide and consult in their elevator modernization and upgrade projects. Whether the project is due to aesthetics, safety, reliability, a general build out, or bringing equipment up to code, we can assist in the consultation and direction of the elevator project. These projects can be driven by many different reasons and we can help assist you in getting to your desired results.


Non-Proprietary Equipment

Non-proprietary equipment will always be specified, in the overall interest of the building owner and management company, who will be overseeing building maintenance after the project is completed. No proprietary equipment will have to be used for troubleshooting, testing, parts replacement, and elevator repair. This will provide the option of using competitive service providers as the owners and managers see fit.


Reliability and Safety

Reliability, safety, and application are always the primarily focus for any recommendations of types of elevator equipment and manufactures to be used. We are aware and respectful of  your budget scope, and we are open to all requests for customized projects.


Custom and Flexible Solutions

We are available upon request for job surveys and consultation on projects pre-demolition and during installation of new elevator equipment. All questions and concerns will be addressed. We want you to have the utmost confidence that you will not be unaided in any stage of a elevator modernization project.

No cost consultation and quote

Your elevator is a key component of each visitor’s experience. Contact us for a no cost consultation and quote to see what we can do to upgrade, replace, or repair your current elevator. We offer maintenance agreements to inspect your elevators on a regular basis and to keep your elevators running without incident or interruption.

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